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Dinnall Property Services

13 - Apr - 2013

Providing Exceptional Inventory Services to Nottinghamshire...


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Landlords Information

Are You Complying with the Tenants Deposit Scheme (TDS)?

Dinnall Property Services are helping landlords be fully compliant with the TDS by providing independant services. Independant reports are increasingly valuable should a deposit dispute reach arbitration. We provide full impartial services including inventories, check ins, check out and inspections including photographic evidence.

Protect Your Property.

Although the RHS is intended to make matters easier and fairer for the landlord and tenant, any resolution of deposit disputes betweent he two parties will need to be based on hard evidence- the sort of evidence only a professional independant inventory can supply. Have confidence that both you and your tenants are protected. If you value your investments don't take any chances.

Dinnall Property Services is more than just an Inventory Company.

We can also lighten the load by providing a range of other professional property services including Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Home Information Packs (HIPs), and Pat Testing. We can also help overseas and remote landlords by providing a traceable key management service to allow contractors and letting agents easy access to your property.


Take a few minutes and find out how we can make a difference, call us on 0845 258 1656!

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