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Dinnall Property Services

12 - Apr - 2013

Providing Exceptional Inventory Services to Nottinghamshire...


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Tenants Information

Keep Your Deposit Safe.

Its good news that the TDS will ensure that your money is better protected, but how will disputes be resolved if the inventory was not thoroughly checked and verified at the start of the tenancy is inaccurate or out-of-date?

Peace Of Mind.

Make sure you request a detailed inventory and a comprehensive check in process when you move into your new home, to minimise any disputes at the end of your tenancy.

When you are moving out, check the inventory again and ask for a thorough independant check out, and make sure you are present if possible.

The check out will involve a detailed check against the original inventory for any changes to the items and condition of those items, that way you should have no surprises over deposit deductions when the check out report is presented to the agent or landlord.

What Services Should I Receive?

Inventory- a detailed, thorough inventory listing fixtures and fitting, decor and furniture and the condition of all items, which you have accepted and signed.

Check In-The inventory needs to be checked and accpeted by you at the start of your tenancy in the presence of an inventory professional. You should verify this with your signature and make sure you receive a copy of the inventory for records.

Check Out- The inventory needs to be checked and the end of your tenancy to note any changes but an independant inventory professional. You should verify this with your signiture and make sure you receive a copy of the check out in case of further dispute.


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